I want to submit stories

In my haste to complete my monthly goal of 12 short stories a year I realized I forgot about looking into actually submitting my completed short stories. So now in addition to creating stories I’m also committed to finding places to publish my work.

Freckle Face is DONE

My short story inspired by my puppy is done but I’m still technically writing for March. Since I finished the monthly goal I’m actually working on another children’s short story.

February Story- Finally Done!

I did it! Over 6,000 words later and 9 days past deadline but I did it!!! The February short story is finally done. It was a different genre (ghost story) than I’ve done before so that made it challenging and all the more rewarding!

February Story: A Haunted Ranch (working title)

Here’s the announcement of my February short story. The working title is “A Haunted Ranch.” As you can probably guess, it’s a ghost 👻 story, which is a new genre for me to write. I’m not really into the spooky and scary, but I feel I have to write this story because it came to me practically fully formed in a dream. Or was I haunted by it? 😆

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