Starting when I renamed and relaunched the blog as “Writing Never Stops” I committed to a pretty regimented blog schedule of posting every Monday certain types of content. I’ve fluctuated a little (adding pop culture content once I absorbed the pop culture blog into this one).

On this page and corresponding drop down menu you will find what I’m calling “Monthly Features.” That consists of the posts from those Mondays. See below for the latest posting content calendar.

Monthly Features- Posts

#MemoirMonday Weekly Posts

I have decided to post weekly updates on writing my memoir (about suffering from, recovering and living with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury).

Archived Blogs

Also in the drop down menu and linked below you will find an archive of the previous iteration of this blog, called “12 Months of Stories.” That was when I first started this blog to document writing a new short story every month for a year in 2018.

12 Months of Stories- Archived Blogs

You will also find the archived posts of my now defunct pop culture blog in the drop down menu and in the link below. Even though I no longer have that dedicated blog, I still am an adult child who lives with her parents & consumes a lot of pop culture, so I’ve added a pop culture segment to this blog every second Monday (& fifth Mondays, when they appear). I will also still be Tweeting at my @popwatching account that I had started especially for the other blog.

Watching Pop Culture With My Parents- Archived Posts