Graphic design created by me using the Over App and images from Pixabay and Unsplash.

I have been struggling to finish writing my memoir and decided I wanted to try something in 2020 to rev up my creative engines. 🚗 That’s when I decided that creating in any form makes me inspired and excited to write. So my challenge and goal (NOT a resolution) in 2020 is to create something daily or #CreativityForDays (365 days to be exact) as I’m calling it. I am putting no perimeters on what the create and the something have to be. I plan on sharing on Instagram (@writingbylaura) and Twitter (@wordsbylaura) what my creations are.

I had posted a #amcreating blog a few months ago that shared how I like to paint, draw, craft, graphic design and take photos to help rev those creative engines. That blog post gives you an idea of what I’m thinking for this challenge. The image below that I created illustrates the creative mediums I’ve used in the past and will use for this challenge.

I’m using the creating of this image as my first entry for #creativityfordays.

Update to Structure/Summary

Initially, I planned to post an extra weekly blog that was a summary of all my creative projects from the week. I only successfully did that a few times before I decided to switch to highlighting just one project from the week. My first post like that was on Valentine’s Day and hopefully, it was sweetly creative! However, I didn’t keep up with that new weekly posting so I’ve now decided to just feature a #CreativityForDays project in my regular weekly blog post. This March 2020 post was the first post like that.