Daily Doodle

Switching #CreativityForDays into the Daily Doodle

I have decided to take my #CreativityForDays 2020 challenge and transition it into a daily drawing/painting journal that I am calling “The Daily Doodle.” Like #CreativityForDays, I will feature one or more doodles in my weekly blog post. The idea that this creativity exercise sparked creativity is very true but it has also sparked joy and a blossoming passion for art. Thanks to #CreativityForDays, I have a lot of creations from 2020 that I will always treasure and I think the Daily Doodle could transition into a lifelong habit and hobby!

My 2020 project was #CreativityForDays

Graphic design created by me using the Over App and images from Pixabay and Unsplash.

I was struggling to finish writing my memoir and decided I wanted to try something in 2020 to rev up my creative engines by creating something every day. I decided that creating in any form makes me inspired and excited to write. So my challenge and goal (NOT a resolution) in 2020 was to create something daily or #CreativityForDays (365 days to be exact) as I called it. I put no perimeters on what the create and the something had to be. I shared my creations on Instagram (@writingbylaura) and Twitter (@wordsbylaura) but mainly I featured one of my projects in my weekly blog.

I had posted a #amcreating blog that shared how I like to paint, draw, craft, graphic design and take photos to help rev those creative engines. That blog post gives you an idea of what I was thinking for this challenge. The image below that I created illustrates the creative mediums I’ve used in the past.

Now with the “Daily Doodle” I am mainly focusing on drawing and painting. Yet I still plan to do plenty of creative projects other than just the doodles, I will just be more concentrated on drawing (and painting).