Essay: #AmCreating

I use the hashtag #amwriting frequently to talk about my creative writing exploits. Especially since I’m writing my memoir I’ve combined the hashtag with other ones more related to brain injury, like: #mybraininjurystory. I decided to combine those two hashtags into one that reflects writing my TBI & coma memoir. My unique combined hashtag is #amwritingmybraininjurystory. The reason I’m talking about hashtags is because they are an easy way to express what I’m doing particularly in relation to creativity. For this monthly essay I wanted to discuss what I do when I don’t feel like writing but I still want to be creative.

The short hashtag answer for what do I do when I don’t want to write creatively but I still want to create: #amcreating. Since my severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), I’ve been more creative. I’ve always been a creative person, but the TBI rebooted my brain and took out the viruses/glitches of self-doubt and self-sabotage and replaced those viruses with new creativity programs. (Do you like my 💻metaphor?) I’ve started to really enjoy drawing (cartoonish and cutesy, not high art), crafting, photography and graphic design. I also want to start trying my hand at painting.

For a different pace I thought I’d share some of my art projects. (Please note: I share these with the qualifier that I’m not an artist, graphic designer or photographer. This is something I know. I share because it just shows that there are many different ways to create and it’s liberating to not limit yourself to one medium.)

How I #amcreating:

  1. Drawing

2. Crafts

3. Photography

4. Graphic Design

Next week I plan to share a reflection on my “12 Months of Stories” blog project I did in 2018. With that I will share some of the cover art I designed for those stories. Once I started blogging I started designing and love it.

5. Painting

I have purchased some supplies and plan to get into painting (probably more in the Fall). I’ve started to subscribe and watch some great art YouTube channels that do some neat things I want to try. This video is of using a “flip cup” technique. This video uses a foil technique. And this video uses string! It probably won’t turn out like it does in the videos when I try these techniques but I still want to try.

You get the idea. I like to still flex those creativity muscles when I’m not running the marathon of creative writing. Speaking of, I haven’t made huge progress as far as word count on my memoir, but I’m very happy with the actual content and quality.


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