12 Months + 12 Stories = The End, and new beginnings

As I alluded to previously, I have decided to end the “12 Months of Stories” title for this blog and that particular mission. 12 short stories in as many months was a great challenge for 2018 (and one I may revisit someday). However, I have plenty of writing goals I want to accomplish in the coming months and I didn’t really want to add the strain of a monthly short story to that. In the wake of my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), I’m trying to get better at knowing my limitations. I’ve learned that once I know what perimeters I work better within the more likely I am to succeed. Don’t think that because I’m not doing 12 Months of Stories that I’m shutting down this blog. I’m not. I’m just renaming it.

I plan to launch the new blog shortly. And you’ll see the name I’ve chosen then. It’s hopefully a name that will stick and signify the ongoing nature of being a creative writer.

Currently I’m not sure what kind of blogging schedule I’ll keep. Admittedly I haven’t been too precise in the past and perhaps 2019 means I can be a little more exacting.

As I said, I’ll announce my new blog name and officially relaunch it in a short while. Until then I leave you with one thought: we don’t need a new year to start over and we don’t need to start over every time we make a mistake. Have you ever listened to a kid learning to play an instrument who makes a mistake in a song and feels they have to start over from the very beginning in order to play the song perfectly? So they end up playing the song repeatedly (usually messing up at the same part). I was once that kid and probably drove my parents batty when I practiced my alto saxophone 🎷 or piano. I think New Years Resolutions are like the adult version of that kid constantly starting the song over to be perfect. We’re starting the new year trying to be this perfect version of ourselves. Well the 12 Months of Stories was kind of like my version of a resolution last year. And I succeeded. But one thing it taught me is that I truly am a writer. I might be unpublished but I this blog and my 2018 mission made me a believer in myself!

And in 2019 I just want to continue to be that writer I’ve proven to be.

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