The Writing Never Stops!

The official relaunch of my blog is here! Instead of pushing myself to write one new short story a month for 12 months (12 Months of Stories) like I did in 2018 I’ve decided to relaunch my writing blog as “Writing Never Stops.” If you’re a writer or a creative soul of any kind you know that creating/writing never stops. And one thing I truly learned after my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is that NOTHING is going to stop my little brain from generating stories, etc. NOTHING (not even a coma)! That is truly a gift I shouldn’t take for granted. And I don’t plan to: hence, “The Writing Never Stops!”

I mentioned before that after my brain injury I felt a renewed sense of drive to write creatively (I felt like my brain was a computer that rebooted only to have a blank Word document open up ready to be filled with stories). I’ve always had the ideas but I’ve not been good at following through and finishing stories and projects I’ve started. I wanted that to change after the accident. I felt like I could change. So I started my 12 short stories in one year (2018) goal. Now that I’ve succeeded in that I know I’ve changed. I have follow-through now! And believe me I’m NOT going to waste it! So I wanted to continue a writing blog to keep me accountable to something. (I may be better at following through but I’m still a lifelong procrastinator at ❤️!)

Unlike my previous incarnation of this blog (12 Months of Stories) I don’t really have a set mission, plan or schedule for this “new” blog. Everything I’ve read about blogging says you need to be consistent to have any sort of readership, etc. I’m not sure anyone truly reads these (besides my parents… “Hi, Mom & Dad!”). These blog posts have always been to get me writing on a schedule. So I think a blog schedule would be good for that purpose as well. I think a preliminary schedule would be to aim for posting once a week. I’m not going to post my creative writings here just like before when I did the 12 Months of Stories. Call me old fashioned but I want to keep my creative writing to myself until I’m certain the stories can be protected (I don’t know the legalities of copyrights, etc.). However, I still plan to do essays and perhaps book reviews on this blog as well as updates on my writing.

My writing goals this year are to keep moving on what I’m working on (I’ll be more specific in a future post about what I’m writing) and never stop writing!

As a side note, I may do a feature on the writers and writing that inspires me (the above quote is from my favorite author, Willa Cather). I found the above typewriter image on Google Images (originally from: and I added a Willa Cather quote to it and a cute illustration from the “LilWorld” app.

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