December Writing Update: A 2019 Summary

I feel like a kid writing an essay on the first day of school “What I did on my summer vacation!” Only this time I’m reflecting on what I wrote in 2019 as this is the last writing update of 2019.

Writing Goals for 2019 Achieved?

At the beginning of the year I transitioned this blog from “12 Months of Stories” to “The Writing Never Stops.” Then I decided that name and my .wordpress URL were too complicated to remember. So I purchased a .com URL and renamed it to “Writing By Laura.” I don’t plan on changing this URL or blog name again (WHEW 😅). Once I settled into a new blog name I decided to keep a posting schedule and post new blog posts every Monday. I mainly did this to keep myself consistent and accountable. I also chose different topics for each week (Week 1= 📖 Review, Week 2= Pop Culture Content/Recommendation, Week 3= Essay 💭, Week 4= Writing ✍🏻 Update, Week 5*= Extra Pop Culture Content). This was a way to organize my mind. And keep me from getting overwhelmed. I’ve noticed since my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that I get overwhelmed easier and organization is my friend. I also can’t multitask anymore. Which is a shame because I was basically a professional multitasker (I used to be an advertising project manager).

In my first scheduled writing update of the year I laid out a plan of projects I planned to work on writing in 2019. See below for how I’ve updated it with my progress this year.

Basically I just worked on my memoir and my blog in 2019. And I forgot to factor in blog writing time in the above graphic so that is something that changed.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Memoir Full Speed Ahead!

In July I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo with the intention of finishing my memoir in July. I didn’t finish my memoir then. I’m still writing it. However I wrote a sizable chunk in July: 32,450 words.

Even though I didn’t finish in July I met almost every one of these goals. I’m still weak on a writing schedule so I think that’s why I didn’t hit my goal. However, I’m still driven to finish.

Writing Goals for 2020

The NUMBER ONE GOAL IS TO COMPLETE MY MEMOIR. After that I need to try to get representation by a literary agent, etc. I plan on submitting creative nonfiction essays to various journals to try and get my name out there. I developed a spreadsheet of journals and due dates, etc. (I spoke of this before).

Happy Holidays

I posted earlier today a little Happy Holiday graphic for those who celebrate this time of year. Happy Holidays! You’ll hear from me next Monday!

2 thoughts on “December Writing Update: A 2019 Summary

  1. What a terrific set of ideas for a fellow memoirist! I have decided to really work on my blog as well as continuing to write my memoir. I really like the idea of monthly accountability as a blog post and also scheduling posts . (I know, everyone tells you to that but you actually make me want to! Happy New Year!

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