Happy Holidays

A quick post to say Happy Holidays to those who celebrate (and what you celebrate).

I celebrate Christmas and my family is spreading the Christmas cheer by celebrating on multiple days this week. So because of that (and it’s also Hanukkah this week) I wanted to get my wishes in early.

I will post a regular writing update later today.

I don’t quite know why I have started to collect llama things but I have. So “Fa la la llama!”

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. For years, I tried to get some traction behind “Solstice + 4” but it never took. Now we just celebrate Christmas like everyone else even though my kids couldn’t pick Jesus out of a police line up.

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    1. Solstice +4 is great! I have stopped going to church regularly (now with my hearing I have an excuse but before then I just didn’t feel a connection to church). I’m more spiritual than religious but it took me a while to get there. I was agnostic for a long time.

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