Planned Writing Projects- 2019

As promised last week, here’s my weekly entry landing on a Monday for a little #MondayHappy. True to my topic calendar I posted last week, the fourth Monday of the month is my update on my creative writing pursuits.

It’s kind of a kick in the pants to write 2019. Honestly I only truly get over writing whatever year it is when the clock strikes 12 on the NEXT year. So 2019 will be a kick in the pants for a while longer! 😆

When I relaunched this blog I promised to speak to what I’m writing this year since I don’t have the set goals of a new short story a month. I thought I’d use this post to do just that. Since I don’t have the structure of a monthly story I could fall into bad habits. Not writing. Not finishing things. Pretty much the way I used to be before I instituted the structure of “12 Months of Stories.” By having this blog where I openly discuss my writing, I’m hoping I can hedge off my old patterns!

So what I’m writing is pretty loose for right now and there’s always room for new ideas. 💡

I’ve also started a journal where I draw pictures to accompany my memoir. I’m not an artist by any means. My drawings are really more cartoony and one-dimensional. However, sometimes when I’m not really in the mood to write I am in the mood to draw. And it’s better than playing Boggle on my phone (however, not to jinx it but I’m having a hot streak and I’ve won 21 games in a row! I once played someone in the Boggle app who had won something insane like 148 games in a row)!

Granted, now that I look at my list it looks rather ambitious again. Oh well. The only thing I’m truly committed to finishing in 2019 is my “Girl Vs.” novel. That’s also why I’m committed to blogging about my creative writing exploits the 4th Monday of every month, because this list may change.

Here’s my blog posting schedule again (I kind of made it look cuter.

Well, I have to say I’m pretty happy that I’m doing a regular weekly posting.

#MondayHappy #WritingNeverStops

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