Golden Globe 2020 Nominees: A Mini Guide (PDF)

I love movies 🎥 and pop culture. If that wasn’t obvious when I wrote a pop culture blog called “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents” (now non-active and archived on this blog) then it became obvious around Oscar/Academy Awards season last year. I created in 2018 a PDF of a ballot I developed with where to stream/view the 2018 Oscar nominated movies. It was a lot of work but I loved it and plan to do something similar this year. Well, we don’t have Oscar nominations yet. Those will be announced January 13, 2020. However the Golden Globes are the major movie awards show that happens first (Golden Globes air on NBC January 5th, 8ET/7C) so I thought I’d do a mini ballot for my extra pop culture blog post this month.

To create this mini ballot I looked at the official ballot of Golden Globe Nominations 2020 from the official Golden Globes website. I didn’t go into as much detail about how to view the movies (as I did on last year’s Oscar ballot) and just marked the movies still in theaters (as of this posting on December 31, 2019) and the ones available on Netflix or the streaming services I personally have. After the Oscars are announced (January 13, 2020) I will create a downloadable PDF of a where to watch/stream ballot (like I did last year). However, I thought this mini ballot was sufficient for the Golden Globes.

The Research

Before I constructed the ballot I did a little research (right up my alley as a trained librarian… only with a pop culture twist). I found a nice one page ballot on The Gold Knight and combined that feel with the more accurate order (I assume) of the official Golden Globes ballot. I also found an article on the EW Entertainment Weekly website that discussed the nominations. EW/Entertainment Weekly also has a great article online on how/where to watch all the Golden Globe nominated TV and movies.

The Mini Guide

I’m calling it a “mini guide” because even though I list all the nominees I don’t go through exactly where to watch everything (like I said I will do that once the Oscar nominations are announced on January 13th).

Golden Globes 2020 Ballot WBL (mini guide)

Oscar Preparations

Being the movie geek that I am, I am doing some preparation/reading/research before the Academy Awards. I read this USA Today article that walks through all the Oscar front runners by breaking down who and what is nominated for a variety of awards (from the Golden Globes, Critics Choice, Screen Actors Guild and more). My initial idea was to do a little chart based on that article, but I ran out of time and ambition for this blog post. If I end up doing one I will post a separate blog post with that. I did a quick image to show the awards show dates (see below). Not every award show is televised.

Memoir Writing Update

In this case I haven’t generated a new word count. But we’re hitting New Year’s Resolutions so I should probably add “finish writing my memoir” to my resolutions but I don’t really make them because I half-heartedly made them and didn’t keep them for years. It’s still a goal to finish but NOT a resolution.

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