Launching a new blog feature: #CreativityForDays

To ring in the new year I decided to launch a new blog feature/creative initiative I’m calling #creativityfordays. I write more about the concept on a new page I created on the blog. Basically my idea was that creating things in many forms tends to get my creative engines going (i.e. creative writing).


I plan to update social media (@wordsbylaura on Twitter and @writingbylaura on Instagram) on a more regular basis on what my daily creation is. However, I wanted to add another blog post (in addition to my Monday posts) that will show an amalgam of what I created that week. I will post this #creativityfordays entry on Friday.

Here’s my first entry:


As always, if you do something similar let me know in the comments. Also, if you have project suggestions, comment those too. And use #creativityfordayslaura on Twitter and Instagram with your own entries of creativity.

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