A summary of my November catch up month.

In the previous post I promised to talk in more depth about what it was like writing all those stories in one month for my November catch up month and this is that promised post! As we near the end of the month and the year I will make a decision about what to do with this blog next year. I’m not sure I’ll do 12 Months of Stories again so a name change may be in the future.

I didn’t start out the month (November) very disciplined and that made for kind of a challenging month. I spent way too much time making pretty little calendars to show on the blog what my writing schedule would be. And ironically this put me behind schedule! And then I procrastinated by making pretty little story graphics. They were cute, but that was truly silly.

However, true to form (as it was for me in graduate school), once I buckled down to write it flowed pretty easily (thank goodness). The only issue was since I had procrastinated so horribly on my schedule I had to cram my writing for a while (as I used to do in graduate school).

And because I was cramming I got into some unhealthy habits again. It was like I was in graduate school writing a 20-page paper in hours. Any student or teacher would tell you not to do that. I would spend lots of time researching and thinking about my research papers but the actual writing would happen very quickly and under the gun (don’t tell my young niece and nephew this… they shouldn’t be like me). Anyway, writing fiction, especially short stories with no perimeters, is a different less harrowing story than a 20 paged research paper. Especially when I’m the one setting the deadlines.

However, after November I kind of burned myself out because I am still writing my November and December stories dedicated to my sister (November’s “Wrong Number Mom”) and my nephew (December’s “Out of Order”). So I might be sneaking my 12 Months of Stories of 2018 into 2019. But I hope not! There’s still time (especially considering my 20 page papers in hours history 😆).

#amwriting #amfinishingmygoal

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