A short story for my nephew- “Out of Order”

As I mentioned before, I had technically already dedicated my nephew’s birthday month to him, March. However, that story really ended up being more about my puppy 🐶 Selby as I called it “The Case of The Curious Freckle” and she is my little freckle-faced pup.

Because of that my original intention was to write another short story in March dedicated more specifically to my nephew. However I ran out of time. But I had come up with an idea for a story. So now this month I would like to finish it so that my nephew gets a real story!

He’s 11, so his interests are: video games, video games, his iPhone, video games, 🎮! So for this story I’m calling it “Out of Order.”

In this day and age maybe the term “out of order” in relation to a video game not working may be a tad foreign. Maybe not. I’ll have to ask my 11 year old video game expert!

It feels good to be writing at a normal pace after the craziness of November’s catch up month!

I’m not sure I’ll keep the pace of one short story a month next year (so this blog name may change) but I’m still going to keep writing short stories and keep writing this blog. This blog has really helped me keep a regular writing pace that I’m proud of.

I’ll update when my nephew’s story is complete. In meantime #amwriting

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