What I’m writing… (topics)

I promised last post to update you on what stories are getting done when. Because even though I was behind on the actual writing and finishing of short stories, I had all the ideas 💡 developed and a nice start on a lot of them. I had also been announcing stories each month but wasn’t finishing them.

So since I was so epically behind (six months) I’ve decided to update you on the stories I’m working on with an adorable little chart.

In an admitted procrastination move I made all these little graphics and this table. But aren’t the graphics CUTE?!!

October (For my Dad)
May (For my niece)
June (For me, technically)
July (For my Mom)
September (Inspired by a true crime)
November (For my sister)

So you can see I had fun making these little graphics. But now it’s time to put my nose to the grindstone again!

Oh, I haven’t really announced my sister’s November story. This is the first time I’m mentioning a title. I’ll talk more about it when I start writing it. This is a story inspired by her, for her (hint: she’s not the “Wrong Number Mom”).

Side note: Chris Watts (who was the husband and father who was suspected of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters and was the true crime inspiration behind my September story: “Behind His Motive”) was just sentenced to life.

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