Being Honest

It’s time to be honest. I need to use August as my catch up month. I never finished May, June or July! Yikes! My track record is not looking good.

I think part of the reason was each of these three months was going to be dedicated to something meaningful. May was a story for my niece; June was work on my memoir and July was a story for my Mom based on her childhood. The stories that were just based on ideas or concepts have been easier for me to complete. There’s probably something psychological to unpack there: the more emotional gravity a piece has the more difficult it is to complete (sounds like I might need to talk to my psychologist about that one)!

However, I really would like to play catch up this month and complete those stories I haven’t.

But I also want to do a fun concept story that gets me back in the groove. I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be able to complete. If I commit to doing it all, that would be great (the concept story and completing the 3 unfinished stories).

I want to commit to one “concept” story for sure (similar to what I did for January and February. I’ll post again when I have a clear idea as to what that story will be.

Here’s Selby keeping an eye on me until I finish!

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