Fiction Based In Reality

Truthfully I haven’t really worked on my July story yet. I know… my track record lately with completing stories is not good. Don’t worry. I still have faith in myself that I can finish this goal of 12 stories in one year, I may just fudge doing one each month! Or at least I did May and June but I don’t plan on continuing that trend.

The challenge this month is that I’m writing a fictional story inspired by true events since I’m writing about my Mom’s childhood in Crookston, MN. I haven’t quite decided what liberties I’m going to take. Whether it’s going to be a true story (no liberties), based on a true story (some liberties), or inspired by a true story (all the liberties). Read this good little summary of the above definitions to see what I’m working with.

This weekend is my Mom’s birthday (one of the reasons she is being featured this month in my story) so I would like to buckle down and start to write. Because the “Crookston” stories have been floating around in my head for decades (since she began to tell me about her childhood). I’ve always known there was something special there and I really want to focus on making it come to life.

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