POP CULTURE: Gotcha Day Anniversary

I’ve been woefully lacking in pop culture content lately. So I haven’t really been in the pop culture blogging mood.

However, the other day we celebrated the one year anniversary of my puppy Selby’s “Gotcha Day.” In the world of dog/pet Instagram a “Gotcha Day” is the day you bring home a pet (buy/rescue/find). For little @selbysweetie it was July 30, 2017. My parents humored me and gave into my “Gotcha Day” silliness (honestly, I think they got into it). So we took her to an outdoor restaurant and played in a park and took her for ice cream. She even got to see her cousin dog @bellajocavalier for a bit.

*I promise she was only in the box for the duration of the pictures. She doesn’t LIVE in the 📦!

I was researching (as I do) the term “Gotcha Day” and its origins are actually in human adoption (not just pet adoption). And adoptees can have mixed feelings about it since it also symbolizes a loss (a loss of their birth family) and not just the day they met and gained their new adopted family. Wow. Sad to say I never really thought of it that way. I will say that I’m really glad that the other families didn’t pick Selby and left her for me (that sounds sad too). Well, in the future I will honor the gravity of the term, that’s for sure, but this first year was pretty special to celebrate the fun and joy behind Selby’s “Gotcha Day.”

I hope it was a good day for her because it was a good day for us. I hope this past year has been good for her because she’s brought us so much joy. As my Mom says, she seems to love us, but she seems to really love her life!

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