A New Story Is In The Works! Finally!

My Dad asked me a week or so ago “Still have writer’s block?” That question kind of caught me off guard because I would never really consider what has been happening (or not happening) to my writing writer’s block. I just visualize a writer sitting and staring at a blank screen and nothing comes.

That’s never been my problem. I have plenty of ideas. My issue lately has been ambition. That’s always been my issue with writing. I lose ambition.

Well the good news is: EUREKA a little inspiration struck last night and with it a whole bunch of ambition came along. (So maybe I did kind of have writer’s block.)

Not only have I made a great start on my August story, I also worked on my May and July stories I need to catch up on.

What was I inspired by? An episode of “Chopped” on The Food Network! (Yeah, I know it’s not Shakespeare.)

The working title of the story is “Sweet and Sour” and it’s about a chef (duh). I read what I wrote to my parents and they seemed to like it (of course, they’re not an objective audience). It’s about a woman whose family doesn’t want her to be a chef (for various reasons) and her pursuit of that career in spite of that.

I’m excited to write more on Sweet and Sour and on everything I’m working on! (My puppy Selby has been keeping a watchful eye on me and I think that helps!)


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