POP CULTURE: Hercule Poirot Puppy

You may have picked up from my previous posts that I’m obsessed with my puppy (@selbysweetie). As a crazy obsessed dog 🐕 person I take lots of photos of her and just stare at her a lot (lovingly). That sounds creepy and unhealthy but go on Instagram and just search the hashtags #dog #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram. A quick look at those hashtags lets you know I’m not the only one (by far).

Well, now that I’ve defended my obsessiveness, let me admit I take it a few steps further. I have very basic skills in Photoshop (skills is not the right word, more like abilities). And I like to make myself and my family and friends laugh by Photoshopping things on pictures of my dog. I noticed recently that Selby’s whiskers are kind of like a fancy mustache. That’s where Agatha Christie’s protagonist comes in. Hercule Poirot always had a fussy mustache. And according to this article Christie used the mustache to help define the character. For example, people saw him as silly because it (the mustache) was so over the top so they didn’t take him seriously and that in turn helps him as a detective. Clever!

This image from Amino Wiki.

Well you may have guessed it from my not so subtle hints before about liking to Photoshop things on pictures of Selby (and the obvious title to this blog post: “Hercule Poirot Puppy”). But I photoshopped a Hercule Poirot mustache on Selby. And it truly is funny.

@selbysweetie as Hercule Poirot!

Earlier this month I was tasked by a friend on Facebook to take the “10 📚 You 💕 Challenge.” Over a period of 10 days you post a beloved book or one that heavily influenced you and each day you nominate a friend to join the challenge.

I started off weak because I forgot to post the second day. But then I remembered every day after. One of my books was “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie. For the challenge you were just supposed to post a picture of the book cover with no explanation as to why you chose it. I fudged on that a bit because I usually explained why I was connecting the person I was nominating with the particular book. It was a fun challenge and I made my Dad share his top 10 books with me. So look for a post on this blog where that comes into play.

In the meantime I leave you with this image and question: Who wore it best?

Last year Kenneth Branagh wrote, directed and starred in a movie adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. Branagh himself played Hercule Poirot with an extravagant (silly?) mustache. Here I leave you with a good old fashioned “Who Wore It (the mustache) Best?” between Branagh and Selby. I know my time would be better spent doing something else (probably) but I made you laugh, didn’t I? And in a world that can feel stressful and upside down sometimes all we can ask for is a laugh. Selby approves. I think Kenneth Branagh would approve. I even think Agatha Christie would approve. Who knows if Hercule Poirot would approve. Maybe? Oui.

Photo from cover taken from Deviant Art (https://www.deviantart.com/lyoree/art/Hercule-Poirot-379582667).

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