Inspiration almost knocked me on the head!

A few years ago I participated in a 48 hour short story challenge by NYC Midnight (here’s the link to the 2018 contest, although I didn’t participate in that) and wrote a story about a war taking place in what was once a utopia. And the weapons, a lot of them, were based on things in nature. So I had acorn bombs. These past few days we’ve been at our lake cabin and Fall is certainly falling! 🤣 Acorns are dropping from the trees and landing like bombs (so I really wasn’t far off with my story). When Selby and I sit in the screened in porch the acorns dropping on the roof can send little doggy Selby running for the hills (at first) but she’s gotten used to living in an acorn war zone!

Here’s a snippet from that initial short story:

I didn’t win that short story contest years ago but going back and reading the story I was pleased with it. This brain injury has given me this newfound drive and purpose in my writing. But I’ve also felt a newfound confidence in my abilities. And I think part of me wondered if I hadn’t been that great of a writer before the accident and I had just been fooling myself by thinking I was. After reading that story I felt a little better that I’ve always had this ability and the accident just wiped away my self doubt! Whew! Big relief.

Well, I’ve got a little more writing to do on my August chef 👩🏽‍🍳 story but I’m confident I’ll finish it especially after being (nearly) hit in the head by inspiration!

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