February Story: A Haunted Ranch (working title)

Since I entered into this #12monthsofstories late in the game (only just finalizing the idea and deciding to do it on January 23rd) I’m doing another kinda cheat since my monthly story is an idea I came up with months ago but haven’t really written. Last month’s story I had written a large chunk of already before January but this one I’ve written down the idea but not a sentence structure.

As you may have guessed from the working title (which I’m definitely changing because it’s just not my style) is a ghost story. I don’t write these kind of stories (never have before actually) and I rarely read them (oddly I just read one and it was really good: “The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen” by Katherine Howe) but this idea came to me fully formed in a dream. I actually dreamed it. Maybe I was haunted by it. 😂 I even dreamed it in October (a notoriously creepy month).

Anyway I thought I’d try a different genre too… because why not?


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