I want to submit stories

I’m am an amateur writer. Unpublished and undiscovered. (To these statements you’re thinking: Yeah, I know this already. Duh.🙄) Part of my goal in starting this blog (which I talk about in my first blog post) is to end 2018 with a bunch of completed short stories (12 to be exact) and more confidence in myself as a writer. I figured if I armed myself with completed work and confidence that could help me as I move forward in my attempts to be published.

Truthfully I’ve never submitted my work for publication in any form. Unless you count my college literary magazine (which I don’t and I’m not).

I was emailing someone recently and she said I should submit my uwork. Good point. I should. (Again you say: Duh. 🙄) I got so caught up in writing the monthly stories, this blog and my silly pop culture blog that I forgot to find places where I could get my stories published. So in addition to finishing my April story, my new goal this month is to find places to submit my stories. So far I have 4 completed stories… soon to be 5 by the end of this month (I can’t do math. I have 3 completed stories , 4 at end of month. Eventually I will also.

I want to submit larger work to publishers like my memoir (I wrote more on it this week) and my NaNoWriMo novel from last year that I’m still writing (obviously I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month- last year).

This post looks like a good place to start in an effort to find out more about getting my short stories published.

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