POP CULTURE: Top Ten Lists: Movies, Books, TV

My idea for the next month or so is to work through top ten lists with my parents. Top Ten Movies, Books and TV Shows we think the others should see/read. The three of us will each generate these three lists (which I’ll share here on the blog) and we’ll work through watching and reading the items on each list. It’s a good way for everyone to widen their knowledge base. Also, as the topic of this entire blog may suggest, I’ve been leading them through my pop culture for some time. There are still lots of things I think they need to consume, however I’m always happy when they share something with me (that sounded kind of snotty and all-knowing, and I didn’t mean it to be).

I already have some things that I know have to go on the list that have already come up in conversation like The Princess Bride and Grease (they haven’t seen either).

I would ordinarily have Top 10 Songs/Albums, however as we’ve established due to my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) I currently can’t hear music (we’re hoping this changes but really don’t know that it will). This bums me out because I love music. I suppose I could do a top ten list of songs and albums they should listen to and just not have them do lists.

As I think about it I’m wondering if 10 is too high a number. Because some quick math tells me that after you add together all 3 lists times 3 people, that’s 90 movies, books and TV shows. And I think for the TV we’ll just go with 1 or 2 episodes of a show and not a whole series. I’ll have to discuss this with the ‘rents and let you know what we decide.

So I will be back to post our lists when we have them done. Post suggestions for any of the lists if you have them.

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