Putting the extra children’s story aside and starting the April story.

I know I said I was going to write another story in March specifically for my nephew even though I already finished my March short story (so I completed my main goal). I started the story and plan continuing it but I also wanted to officially move on to my April story.

My April story is inspired by a conversation I had with my parents. My Mom was talking about someone she knew and said they were divorced. Then she was confused if they were widowed or divorced. She made some sort of statement about the person wanting to be divorced on principle even after the spouse’s death since she couldn’t remember if they were divorced (turns out they were actually divorced). That’s when inspiration struck. So my story is a little about getting to do the things you should have done legally even after a person’s death.

I’m kind of proud of the title too: “Times Infinity.” It harkens back to my childhood when you’d be playing tag or something and some Smart Alec would tag you “it” but say “you’re it times infinity.” Meaning forever.

My parents didn’t know the phrase. It might be generational… did you know it? It’s kind of a schoolyard phrase (times infinity Urban Dictionary definition) that can be used in many capacities, not just the scenario I gave.

On a side note, I just went online looking to see what imagery I could find related to “times infinity” and ironically it seems that the double infinity symbol and the term “times infinity” is used to mean love 💕 you forever. I found imagery where people had tattooed the double infinity symbol on their body (in my opinion you’re just tempting fate and putting your relationship in jeopardy by immortalizing it as a tattoo… just ask Johnny Depp after he turned his “Winona Forever” tattoo to”Wino Forever” when he broke up with Winona Ryder). I also found jewelry. Who knew? I certainly didn’t when I thought of this title!

Since I came up with this story idea 💡a few weeks ago I’ve actually already started it. The key 🔑 to keeping going on this goal, I’m learning, is keeping the momentum going even if I feel ahead of the game at the beginning of the month.

So onward into April. Here’s hoping you didn’t get pranked too badly on April fools (I never do pranks as I’m not good at them).

#amwriting #12monthsofstories #4thmonthofstories2018

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