POP CULTURE: My Parents Aren’t on Social Media.

There are blogs and memes and lots of hilarity out there when parents get their hands on social media. My parents ARE NOT on social media. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No Instagram (but my puppy is on Instagram: @selbysweetie). When I first joined social media they had no interest. And then as it became more popular they really didn’t express interest and my sister and I agreed we preferred if they didn’t join (aren’t we spoiled). I have former teachers, babysitters, relatives, former co-workers, etc. all on Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. I’ve told them they can join, that I really wouldn’t mind (especially since people have friended me to find out how my parents are). My mom insists she would become addicted. I highly doubt it. She’s too fidgety!

So I partially started this blog to be silly and I don’t have their social media streams to exploit. My Mom also totally doesn’t get the way social media works and will tell me to tell my sister about “so and so sending me a picture of xyz.” To this I roll my eyes and say “they didn’t send me the picture, they put it on Facebook where all their Facebook friends can see it.” My sister and her kids love when I give my parents a hard time and talk straight to them. It’s kind of my style since my accident. Kind of no nonsense.

There wasn’t really a point to this post. I just finished my writing blog and monthly story so I was in the blogging mood. I really can’t imagine a world where my parents are on social media. I’m still getting used to them having iPhones!

My Dad still wears his phone in a holster like former President Obama is wearing in the picture above! 🤣 (My Dad is NOT former President Obama.)

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