Speed Writing Update

An update on how I’m doing on my May short story self-imposed speed writing challenge that I’m supposed to finish by tomorrow for my 12monthsofstories Blog.

April Story: Not quite done

A post where I admit to purposely missing my April short story deadline to get some sleep. The ending of my story is in sight I’m just too tired to keep my eyes open to see it!

Another Attempt at this Weekly Essay: I have cold feet (no I’m not getting married)

Note: For those who get this blog linked from my Facebook, I've been having technical issues, so that's why I'm reposting. Also, I had originally posted this (a few times now several days ago for those who read this blog online or in email) but for some odd reason it went back into my drafts. However after some noodling (I had a boss who used to say that all the time 🍝 ) I think I figured out all my technical issues (well not my technical issues, my blog's). 🤣

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