Another Attempt at this Weekly Essay: I have cold feet (no I’m not getting married)

Note: For those who get this blog linked from my Facebook, I’ve been having technical issues, so that’s why I’m reposting. Also, I had originally posted this (a few times now several days ago for those who read this blog online or in email) but for some odd reason it went back into my drafts. However after some noodling (I had a boss who used to say that all the time 🍝 ) I think I figured out all my technical issues (well not my technical issues, my blog’s). 🤣

I know I haven’t been very regular on these weekly essays. What can I say… I need more fiber in my diet!

If you know me and read the title to this post and thought (I didn’t even think she was dating someone let alone panicking about marrying someone). Don’t worry, I don’t mean that kind of cold feet. I mean the literal kind. Since my accident I haven’t been able to sense temperature below my sternum and that area feels ice cold at all times. So I literally have cold feet. It’s a bit odd when you’re sweating and hot but more than half your body feels icy ❄️ cold. I guess it’s a good thing that I live in the cold Midwest! I learned from my doctors what the condition is and we will more than likely leave it as is. I will have an MRI every 6 months or so to check on the condition. But if it continues to remain stable we’ll just leave it as it is and I’ll have cold feet forever!

The condition is called syrinx of the spinal cord. That link I linked to can explain it better than I can. As it was explained to me, there is an area of the spine that has spinal fluid and when the accident happened a tiny leak occurred there for me. My body in trying to tell me something is not normal has been sending a signal to my brain. However, since it’s not detrimental the signal it’s sending is “you’re ice cold below your sternum.” Since cold is a more passive signal than heat, that’s why my brain has chosen that.

If I could just tell my brain to calm the heck down, I would! My hearing issues stem from my brain filling in everything even silence with noise. My temperature sensing issues stem from my brain not calming down enough to accept that there is a tiny spinal cord leak that isn’t get worse. Hey brain, it’s OKAY! As The Dude would say in “The Big Lebowski”:

Which in the case of my lower body, I guess I am chilled out. LOL.

Monthly story update: I was going like gang busters on it for a while but things have gotten a tad busy. So I slowed down. I’m still really happy with it and still have a clear direction so I definitely plan on finishing it. Next month is my niece’s birthday month and my puppy’s. So May is their story month. Since Selby already featured prominently in my March story she may just appear in the May story. I have a few ideas but I haven’t settled on anything yet! My niece likes soccer ⚽️, geography 🌎, and animals so those could all be potential themes.

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