April Story: Not quite done

I know I’m not batting incredible odds (because I am only in the 4th month of this project and I’ve already missed one monthly deadline). However, one thing I’ve learned with this brain injury is to listen (ironic since the TBI affects my hearing) to my body. That was something I never did before. I actually ignored my body a lot because as a former daily migraine and (hopefully former) fibromyalgia sufferer I was in pain 100 percent of the time so I had to push through the pain in order to function (i.e. have a job). Yet right now my body is telling me to sleep! So I’m going to purposely miss my monthly deadline and go to sleep. I think my story will finish better if I can finish it while I’m well rested.

I’m pretty close but my protagonist deserves a well rested writer. The ending of my story is in sight I’m just too tired to keep my eyes open to see it!

So expect another update where I discuss completing my story… this isn’t it.

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