Stream of Consciousness Writing- A Monthly Essay

Since our regularly scheduled programming for this week is an essay, and I didn’t really have anything planned (oops) I am going to just do a stream of consciousness writing. We’ll see what I have to say.

The Stream of Consciousness Perimeters

I don’t want to put too many restrictions on myself because I think the writing will be more fun to read with less restrictions. So I only have ONE restriction. Time. I will only give myself a timed 20 minutes to write.

The Results: Stream of Consciousness Writing (Timed)

Honestly, I’m at the point where I have so much to say that it is almost impossible to communicate. That must be the result of primarily only communicating with my parents. I love them dearly and feel very lucky to be with them right now, however, I AM 40 and lived by myself for 15 years before my Traumatic Brain Injury caused me to not be able to live independently. I think my parents and I are doing quite well during this pandemic. We’re all on the list of people vulnerable to COVID-19 so we are being extra careful. Or trying to be. I keep thinking of the global magnitude of this pandemic and if I still got panic attacks (thanks to what I call the resetting of the brain that was the TBI, I don’t get them anymore) I surely would get one frequently now.

Because we’re in the thick of this it’s hard to look forward and think about what life may be like in the future. I remember when I was feeling that way after my severe TBI and coma. I couldn’t imagine a way forward. And guess what? It’s been nearly 4 years since my accident and while life doesn’t look like how I used to imagine it, it still looks pretty good. Because at my core I realize a few things are important to me that I STILL have after everything:

  1. My family
  2. My ability to write creatively and just BE creative.
  3. Friends
  4. Doggies!! 🐶🐶

Who are we kidding? “Doggies” is actually tied for number one with family… Selby and Bella ARE FAMILY so they ARE number 1!

If I’ve learned one thing in therapy (and I’ve learned MANY) it’s that you can’t be so hard on yourself. It makes every step forward far too challenging. So, with that thought, I think the world 🌎 needs to give itself a break and ease into life. We still don’t have a reliable treatment or vaccine for COVID-19 and until that happens we have to be ready for anything.


I definitely don’t write as quickly as I used to. Before my TBI if I had given myself 20 minutes to write I would have a 20-page paper. Sadly that’s certainly not the case now (or maybe NOT sadly because no one wants to read 20 pages of my stream of consciousness).😮

#CreativityForDays Weekly Project

I’m not going to share a picture, but please know I was creating A TON of stuff for my niece’s birthday. We had a drive-by parade and so I made posters, a banner, etc. I was creating so much and loving every minute!


It’s Selby’s third birthday next week. And she is scheduled to get a haircut the day AFTER her birthday. And the poor pup is SO FURRY! She’s a lot of fun to cuddle though even if she is getting too warm!

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