Not a Panda… But a very special puppy turns 3 today!

It’s my sweet 🐶 Selby’s 3rd Birthday today! So because I’m forever in ❤️ with @selbysweetie and she has proven to be a great comfort and inspiration/muse, I have decided to write an original story inspired by her. I plan to draw it in the fashion I discovered is a great new hobby (find out more about that new hobby here). However, since I am faster at graphic design than drawing (or at least my amateurish version of graphic design) I decided to graphic design the book for this blog post and I will draw it out later.

Here’s a PDF of the book,  and I have included screenshots of the individual pages, below.

Selby has her chapter in my brain injury memoir I am writing. So even though this an untraditional writing update, anytime I write about Selby you know one of two things are happening: 1) I’m inspired and feeling creative; 2) I’m made happy by this little creature. She is so in tune with me she follows me to the bathroom, looks at me concerned when I cough, and follows me around everywhere. I once saw this behavior as described as “velcro dog” behavior. As a kid I always wanted a dog who would follow me around like that. We had family dogs who seemed equally loyal to all of us. But now I have little Selby and she does follow me around and I love every minute of it! This little pup has inspired me to heal, to strive and to keep moving forward in my healing from my coma and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

#CreativityForDays Weekly Project

Since this post was pretty creative I suppose I don’t need to do a separate #creativityfordays entry. However, I will because we make signs in my family to denote special occasions and birthdays, so little Selby got her own signs!

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion
Selby had a haircut postponed because of COVID-19. So she has a very furry face! She will be getting a haircut the day AFTER her birthday! I tried to get a good close up of her furry face!

7 thoughts on “Not a Panda… But a very special puppy turns 3 today!

  1. Happy 3rd birthday 💜 It was my puppy’s 3rd birthday yesterday and she has been so amazing with me since my TBI 2 years ago. Dogs are so smart, it’s like they know and just love you perfectly 💜

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