The Mother of all Pop Culture

In the United States we celebrated Mother’s Day Sunday (May 10, 2020). Since COVID-19 is still actively gripping and ravaging our country (and the world at large in varying stages and degrees), Mothers and children spent the day apart appropriately socially distanced. I can’t think of a time in my lifetime when THE WORLD was so actively gripped by something that stopped us in our tracks. Usually bad things happen to countries and people at varying times in varying degrees while the rest of the world moves about unharmed and unchanged. But COVID-19 is a global pandemic and no country and no one is left unchanged. So how do we move forward from here? How do we celebrate? How do write about silly things like pop culture?

The answer is somewhat simple. How do we move forward from this pandemic? By continuing forward motion. Yes, all forward motions (and all motions) are certainly more measured than they once were. However, we must move forward. Future generations depend on it.

So with that charge (and perhaps sense of over importance) I bring you a pop culture post on mothers. Because if the world needs anything collectively right now it’s certainly mothering and nurturing.

I asked my parents to help me come up with a list of mother-inspired pop culture. Turns out I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pop culture so when they offered suggestions I had already thought of them! To which my mother replied “your brain never stops working and thinking!” She was marveling at it. Because there was a time when it was not guaranteed my mind would indeed continue working (see this page on my Traumatic Brain Injury for more references on my 🧠). So here’s my list of Mom-inspired pop culture that my little brain came up with.

Mom-Inspired Pop Culture (in no particular order):

  1. Mom: The CBS sitcom now in its seventh season (2019-2020), starring Allison Janney and Anna Faris and created by Chuck Lorre. We only started watching this show this year even though it’s been around since 2013. I love Allison Janney from her days on “The West Wing” but she’s simply one of my favorites. I used to listen to Anna Faris’ podcast called “Unqualified” (I would still be listening to it but my hearing is very limited and distorted since my TBI). I like how this show has evolved. I watched a few episodes when it first started and it focused more on Anna Faris’ character’s family. Now it focuses on the group of women Faris and Janney got to know through Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s a really strong cast because of this shift. It’s also let the characters and their relationship as mother and daughter evolve from one of turmoil and struggle to one focused on friendship.
  2. Mr. Mom: 1980s movie starring Michael Keaton (pre-Batman and pre-Birdman) as a laid-off worker who stays home when his wife gets a high powered advertising job. The plot itself is outdated since gender roles aren’t quite as much of a thing in the typical middle-class American home. However, this is still charming and if you said the word “Wooby” to me now I would smile broadly and know instantly that you’re referring this movie (one of the young sons has a blanket he’s still attached to and calls it his Wooby).
  3. Little Women: The novel by Louisa May Alcott was a favorite growing up and a recent film adaptation in 2019 had actress Laura Dern (great name) playing the beloved mother of the March sisters. An earlier film adaptation had Susan Sarandon in the same role.
  4. Young Sheldon: This is another current CBS sitcom that my parents and I have only recently started watching. A prequel to the very popular “Big Bang Theory, ” it tells the origin story of Sheldon Cooper in 1980s Texas. It features a cast that really gels together (with charming Annie Potts as the grandma). Fun fact: the actress who plays Sheldon’s Mom is the daughter in real life of actress Laurie Metcalf (Metcalf played the older version of this same character on “The Big Bang Theory”).
  5. Gilmore Girls: Lorelai Gilmore had her daughter Rory when she was 16. And the WB/CW show portrayed their close relationship as Rory made her way through high school and college. I loved the show because I am a bookish nerd like Rory who wishes she was free-spirited and funny like Lorelei. The show isn’t super realistic but it’s escapist in a way.

I could go on and list a lot more. However, I just wanted to put this list out there and hear from anyone who has some TV/movie moms.

#CreativityForDays Weekly Project

I have been drawing in chalk on our driveway to help cheer on our neighborhood as we all go through this challenging pandemic. My latest one made me smile and hopefully made my neighbors smile until it was washed away (sidewalk chalk art is a VERY TEMPORARY art)!

A @selbysweetie Conclusion

Since I am not a Mom, I have become a fur mom to my sweet almost 3-year-old little pup, @selbysweetie. It cracks me up and makes my heart swell with love when my parents refer to me as Selby’s mommy. I LOVE ❤️ being the Mommy of a sweet and silly little pup. My latest Selby story is that our UPS driver stopped to throw a very excited Selby some milk bones and I took video. It was beyond cute!

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