May the Archive Be With You


F8D415B2-CAE1-4DA7-9E65-DC3040A2D2EESince it’s a Saturday which was my old posting day for my old pop culture blog and it’s May 4th, I decided to officially close out my “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents” blog and announce the launch of its archive on this blog. The pop culture and “Star Wars” nerds of the world know that the fourth of May is in fact an official non-official nerdy day. It’s Stars Wars day! May 4th has turned into the day you joke with people “May the FOURTH (get it, instead of force 😉🤓🤦🏻‍♀️) be with you.” (And my Dad beat me to the joke this year!)

I decided to try and figure out how to archive all my “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents” (WPCWMP) blogs and post them on a page on this blog, I thought I would announce the launch of that page with an official post. You will always be able to see the WPCWMP blogs on this page (linked here) and it will always live in the navigation bar at the top of this blog.  I’m also going to do this with the “12 Months of Stories” blogs (which was just what I called this blog in 2018 when I was writing a new short story every month).  I probably won’t do a whole new post announcing when I launch the “12 Months of Stories- Archived Posts” page but it will also be linked in the navigation bar (now live and linked here as well as in the nav bar). And I’m sure I’ll announce it on Twitter using my two accounts: @wordsbylaura and @popwatching.

A cartoon of Darth Vader with “May the Fourth Be With You” written underneath. Darth Vader Image from:
Darth Vader cartoon from: with starry background from “Over” app.

Happy Stars Wars Day! Have fun running around with your cinnamon roll hairstyle (sigh, Carrie Fisher) and light sabers and May the Fourth be with you. (Oh, and if you see Darth Vader let him know I have an extra asthma inhaler he can use to take care of that wheezing. Poor guy has been wheezing since 1977.) And me being the pop culture 🤓 that I am, I researched when the last Stars Wars movie will be released. It will be released December 20, 2019.  And Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia is listed in the cast (they use archive footage since Fisher passed away in 2016). Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd is also listed in the cast. You can see that cast list here on IMDb also posted a video about what is known about the new movie (the of course uncaptioned version is here  and the captioned version is here on YouTube). And watch the teaser trailer here on YouTube (I will always link YouTube movie trailers because that’s typically the only way those like me who rely on closed captions can see them captioned! And you know how I feel about how closed captioning needs to be updated).

4 thoughts on “May the Archive Be With You

    1. Really? Your son must not be a nerdy dude then. I’m nerdy and into pop culture and into puns so whoever thought of it was thinking of nerds like me! 😁👌🏻


      1. I’m sorry, that’s right. You have two sons! I thought so but couldn’t remember for sure. Well I make my parents consume pop culture WITH me. So they know more of those nerdy references than the average 🐻.

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