Joint post: Pop Culture Special Update: “Oscar 2019 Where To Watch List” and Essay

If you follow my other blog “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents” you know that I just completed a list/ballot that shows how to watch all the 2019 Oscar-nominated movies. I’m a BIG MOVIE NERD 🎥 🤓. And I have dragged my parents along with me (they love ❤️ it). So since I’m supposed to post on this blog on Mondays yet I just finished my list for the other blog, I thought I’d steal from Peter to pay Paul (isn’t that the saying)?

So here’s my much labored over “Where To Watch Oscars 2019 Movies” list & ballot. You can read about how I constructed it on the other blog here.

Since this week is scheduled to be an essay for this blog I thought I would tie in movies with that.

Essay: Movies In My Mind

After my accident and my coma I was in the hospital for a long time recovering. And since I was completely deaf for six months (following the accident) I didn’t have music to distract me. For over ten years prior to the accident I had suffered from what had become daily chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. With migraines oftentimes you’re sensitive to light, sound, etc. I was incredibly sensitive to light but not regulated normal sound. So I couldn’t read or watch TV 📺 or anything (when I had a migraine) but I could listen to music.

And then I discovered podcasts and books on tape/audio books and the world was my oyster! So when I realized I was totally deaf and still had to figure out a way to cope with something very scary like recovering from a nearly fatal accident I realized I had to figure out something that would naturally soothe me even though I couldn’t hear. What did I turn to? You guessed it. Movies. But because I was oftentimes dealing with situations where I was having to entertain and soothe myself without any devices (i.e. TV, etc) I used my imagination and my memory. Since one of the ways I used to soothe myself before the accident was by watching certain movies repeatedly, my technique post accident became to mentally “play” the movies in my head scene by scene. Movies I did this with: “Fried Green Tomatoes” 🍅, “Pretty Woman” 👩🏼, and “Steel Magnolias” 🌸. I joked with a friend’s husband that apparently it was Chick Flick central in my head. I don’t really feel like I watch a ton of “Chick Flicks.” But I must innately find them comforting and soothing! (I know Steel Magnolias was an odd choice since it has a death in it. But that must not have bothered me.)

Well, I did it. I finished that hard to do “Oscars” list and I still did an essay for this blog. I say that deserves an Oscar!!!

Don’t forget the Oscars are on Sunday, February 24th at 7c/8e (on ABC). And since Kevin Hart withdrew a while ago, there apparently isn’t going to be a host. I think my dog should host. She’s getting a haircut on Wednesday so she’ll be all fancy and ready to go. And she did watch some of the Oscar-nominated “Isle of Dogs.” Or at least she can be one of high profile presenters (along with Chris Evans and Tina Fey).



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