POP CULTURE: Pop Culture Special Report- Where To Watch Oscars 2019 Movies and Ballot

As I promised on Saturday in my regular post, here’s my “Where To Watch Oscars 2019 Movies” list & ballot. I’m calling this a POP CULTURE SPECIAL REPORT. And that’s basically what I’ll call non-Saturday posts on this blog. Things will happen that I feel I need to report on that will occur after Saturday, so my POP CULTURE SPECIAL REPORT is my way of dealing with that. Another time this will happen is after the actual Oscars (airing on February 24th, 7c/8e).

This ballot/sheet took me a LONG TIME to do. So I’m doubling up my blog posts. This blog and my writing blog (check that out here, I do an essay on how I used movies to get through a traumatic experience) are now live.

First I downloaded the ballot from InStyle.com (I used that as the base). Then I found some sites online that referenced how/where to see the movies. Then I decided to build it. I will probably end up reusing the structure of this in future years. So it was worth it (hopefully). And my parents and I will use it this week to cram in a few more nominated movies. And we’ll print them out and use them for our own 3 person Oscar pool!

I also chose to just feature the services my parents and I have (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Spectrum OnDemand). We have quite a bit so I figured the list would still be comprehensive. I also included ways that we can easily access the movies (iTunes, buying or renting on Amazon.com, seeing them in theaters). And a few of the shorts are on YouTube so I included those links. I also noticed that my local PBS station is airing one of the documentaries (I included the air time on the sheet). PBS is also making another one of the documentaries available to view online (URL included on sheet).

Since I ran into some technical issues that slowed me down and am actually posting a “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents” post on my regularly scheduled writing blog day, I’m going to do the unprecedented thing of posting the same content on both blogs. (Well kind of. I also still did an essay on my writing blog. It’s of course about movies.)

I hope you enjoy my list. It was a doozy to make.

For even more comprehensive streaming lists I recommended these two articles before: Time article and New York Times article. I also found another good comprehensive article that’s a tad more updated.

Without further ado, here’s my list.

Note: This a screenshot. Go to this later post for an easier to read and downloadable PDF: https://watchingpopculturewithmyparents.wordpress.com/2019/02/20/downloadable-pdf-of-where-how-to-watch-oscar-sheet-and-ballot/


Also, check out my “The Writing Never Stops” blog where I write an essay I’m calling “The Movies In My Mind.”

The Oscars air Sunday, 2/24 at 7:00 central/8:00 eastern (on ABC).



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