POP CULTURE: Downloadable PDF of “Where/How To Watch” Oscar sheet and ballot

The first time I shared my ballot I just had it as a tiny image. I did some research and figured out how to have it be a downloadable PDF (hopefully).

I don’t know that anyone cares. But I wanted to figure out how to make it a downloadable PDF with larger font. How’s that for a dedicated pop culture 🤓, for ya?!?!

So, here it is!

Oscars2019Viewing Sheet

Note: My parents and I just watched all the animated shorts, except one. Here’s a link for “Late Afternoon” that I couldn’t find earlier: https://youtu.be/QihTyHW56_4

Oh, and my parents and I have decided to at least watch “Roma” on Netflix since “Roma” and “The Favourite” are the most nominated movies (with 10 Oscar nominations each). Since we’ve already seen “The Favourite” seeing “Roma” will put us in a good spot. We’ll try to watch more beyond that too.

Don’t forget, The Oscars are on Sunday, February 24th at 7c/8e on ABC. Until later, this has been another Pop Culture Special Report. Laura, the daughter reporting. Over and out!

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