July’s story is for my Mom

Truthfully I didn’t work much on my memoir in June. So I’ll still be plugging away at it. And truthfully I still never finished a May story. But I’m moving on to July anyway and I’ll pop in on May and June’s works to finish those.

As I’ve stated before, the people in my life who have a Birthday that month get a story dedicated or inspired by them. July is my Mom’s birthday month. I have been inspired by stories of her girlhood for years. For the first 10 years of her life she was raised by her single mother and grandmother and they operated a small grocery store in a small town in Minnesota. They lived in a one bedroom apartment above the grocery store. My grandma was divorced from my Mom’s Dad and my Mom never met him. This was in the 1940s when divorce and single parents were not as common. My mom tells stories from her childhood with a gleam in her eyes.

She had a great childhood and I’ve always felt like telling her stories could almost be like a more modern version of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I’m not saying I’m as good a storyteller as Ingalls-Wilder (although we do have the same first name and we’re both from the Midwest) I’m just saying my Mom’s stories remind me of that format.

So July is for my Mom. Working title of these stories: “Crookston” after the town where she grew up Crookston, Minnesota.

Crookston MN map from TownMapsUSA.com

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