Inspired by a freckle

Inspiration comes from everywhere. For me it does, anyway. And in this case it came in the form of a freckle on my adorable cocker spaniel puppy, Selby (I did a little compilation of photos of her, featured below). One morning she was being extra curious and kind of naughty (the two seem to go hand in hand for her) and I said well maybe she just had one particular freckle that caused her to be extra curious/naughty. Adorable, right? And that’s when inspiration struck!

I also decided that I would dedicate some of my monthly stories of this project to the important people (and 🐶🐶) in my life. So when it’s their birthday month they get a story dedicated and inspired by them. The first one of the year is my nephew. And since he’s younger and not a huge reader and also shares his birthday month with his dog, I decided March would be a collection of children’s short stories. The first one is inspired by my own little pup but rest assured my nephew’s pup will make an appearance as well and probably get her own short story.

It’s kind of an interesting shift going from a ghost story (February’s story) to a collection of children’s short stories. As you can probably tell I’m not planning this short story project out ahead of time. It will be interesting at the end of the year to see the combination of topics, themes and styles I come up with.

I’ll let you know additional stories I end up doing for my collection this month. This should be fun.

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