Craving Characters

I suppose it’s apropos that it’s nearing Valentine’s Day and I’m craving something. For the first time in years I’m actually craving the characters in the story I’m writing and not chocolate. Oh who am I kidding. I’m always craving chocolate. I was even asking for chocolate and buttercream frosting when I was barely out of my coma. (My love is real!)

I’m only about halfway through my story and I haven’t even gotten to the ghost part and I’m hooked on these characters. It might end up being a longer short story or maybe even something more. Who knows. All I know is the protagonist just feels so real. I’ve found myself not really wanting to blog because I want to write. What an interesting dilemma for me to be in.

So I’ll just be over writing my ghost story that isn’t a ghost story yet and cramming my face with chocolate.

Isn’t that black cat and ghost illustration I found on Google so cute? As I said in my last post I’m not super into haunting and ghost stories so maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten to that part of my story yet (probably also why I chose a cute ghost picture).

So #amwriting and #ameatingchocolate

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