POP CULTURE: Watching Pop Culture With My Parents

I am an adult who lives with her aging parents. Circumstances (I was in an accident over a year ago that has made it so I can’t really live alone currently) has caused us to live together again after years of me living on my own. Thankfully the 3 of us get along really well so it’s really just like having aging roommates (and we live in the Midwest so think more Rose Nylund than Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls).

Bucket of popcorn

I’ve always been a pop culture hound (I love books, TV, movies, magazines, Internet culture, etc.) so I’ve always consumed it at a high rate. Now that I have people around to ask “Whatcha reading/watching/looking at?” I have to be more conscious of what I’m consuming (sounds like parenting, doesn’t it)? Now that I have to be more conscious of what I’m consuming I might as well have fun and educate them while I’m at it (again, sounds like parenting).

Now that we’re living together full time, it’s been fun watching things together (this television season we got into Feud and Big Little Lies and my Dad and I like Fargo). I have to educate them constantly (showing them memes and Snapchat is endlessly entertaining). They are sweetly innocent 😇 and don’t get dirty jokes a lot of the time (especially my Mom). I however have to stop 🛑 and put my foot down sometimes and say “No, I’m not talking to you about that” or “No, I refuse to explain that to you.” You’d be surprised at how often the TV show Family Feud has caused questions to be asked that cause me to say my foot down answer (I’m looking at you Steve Harvey).

So this blog is going to be where I chronicle what we’re watching/reading/consuming and what silly things they ask me in the process!

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