Am Writing #amwriting

I just wanted to happily say/brag (who am I kidding… BRAG) that I am getting some good writing done on my monthly short story today. I don’t want to jinx it or anything but I could actually finish my story ahead of schedule (today or tomorrow) and not at 11:59 pm on Wednesday January 31st either to complete my first month of one short story a month for a year in 2018 (read more about my goal here). Miracle of all miracles! Because if I have a superpower it would be my superhuman ability to procrastinate (those who know me are nodding their heads vigorously right now). And since my short story this month is loosely connected to superheroes (as I announced earlier its working title is “Calling All Superheroes“) it makes sense I’m talking about my superpower (even though my particular superpower isn’t a positive).

Ironically I’m procrastinating by stopping to brag. It makes no sense. I never claimed to make sense (which is an issue since I want to be a writer and they generally have to make sense… depending on the genre). Did I mention this blog is supposed to be a judgment-free zone. I won’t judge you and you don’t judge me! 😂


Back to it!

#amwriting #12monthsofstories #january12monthsofstories

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