Steady On… like Christmas lights #MemoirMoment

Christmas decorating at our house (I live with my parents and my adorable 🐶 Selby) has been a long, drawn out process this year. Mainly because I am still experiencing brain injury symptoms that make any amount of effort or movement effort full and dizzying.

We also have A LOT of decorations! My parents have two big collections that they put up now: Department 56 “Possible Dreams” Santas and Department 56 Alpine Village. When I lived on my own I could decorate for Christmas in less than an hour.

It’s unfortunately very easy for the average person to get overwhelmed this time of year. I used to work full time and go to graduate school and have daily chronic migraines and Fibromyalgia and I still bought Christmas presents for everyone and managed to be in the holiday spirit! However, I am not comparing myself to my past self or to anyone else (that’s treacherous territory I have learned, in therapy). Instead I am taking inspiration from the battery-operated Christmas lights on our mantle that have 8 modes. All the modes involve a certain level of flashing until you get to the last mode: “Steady On.” I thought that phrase and sentiment is perfect for me now struggling through Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms and it’s also perfect for many people this time of year. So, when you’re feeling overwhelmed this holiday season, just think of a string of Christmas lights and STEADY ON.

Side note: I realize that I will have to shop for Christmas presents after all the decorating… online shopping is less daunting than decorating (for me).

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

Or take inspiration from Selby napping on our ottoman and: HANG ON!
Or, take inspiration from a suntanning Selby: GET YOUR SUNSHINE ON!

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