Managing Great Expectations

No, this blog post isn’t about Charles Dickens. Sorry to disappoint, Tiny Tim.

Thank you for your good attitude, Tiny Tim!

As someone with grand ambitions who is also living with a brain injury, I can get bogged down by my own expectations. Expectations of what I want to do, can do, and actually do are different in the long run. I have many expectations of myself but the real truth of it is these expectations can be what stop me from ultimately succeeding.

This puts me in a bit of a quandary since I don’t want to sabotage my post-Traumatic Brain Injury recovery by doing too much and expecting too much (of myself and others). So I have decided to manage those great expectations… (Let me tell you how I do this in this next post since I originally EXPECTED to write more before posting but ultimately DIDN’T.)

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