Writing Update: Meeting inspiration where it’s found

Something that I did consistently before the accident (the car accident from 2016 that gave me a severe Traumatic Brain Injury) was to be incredibly hard on myself. I never gave myself any grace (this is a phrase a friend used with me that I am borrowing). Now after the accident I hope that I have learned from my mistakes made in my past life (by past life I mean pre-TBI). This week I wanted to discuss just that: giving yourself grace by not fighting the natural ebb and flow of creativity and shifting personal interests. In other words, as a creative person, you have to be willing to meet inspiration where it’s found (even if you have to become an explorer/ astronaut to find this new inspiration).

A drawing/painting I did using watercolor paint and Posca Pens.

Since day 1 of this blog (back when it was “12 Months of Stories”) I have chronicled my progress in my writing pursuits. I have had ambitious goal (writing 12 short stories in 1 year), after ambitious goal (finishing my memoir in a month). And oftentimes I don’t give myself grace because I go from one ambitious goal to the next. Well, I didn’t want to do that to myself anymore. I haven’t been feeling driven to write much now but I am still creating with my Daily Doodle journal (a painting/drawing/sketching-focused daily journal I have started keeping since January). And I am getting such a positive feeling from the burst of creativity required to keep up a daily entry for it that I wanted to enjoy that burst of creative energy and not admonish myself that it wasn’t occurring in the traditional (for me) written form.

So I wanted to share a few recent entries in my “Daily Doodle” journal to show exactly where inspiration is existing for me currently and how I am using this doodle format as a means to chronicle everyday events and feelings (which will be helpful in my writing).

Much like Charles Schulz used Snoopy as a representative of himself in his “Peanuts” cartoons, I often use Selby as a representative for me and how I am feeling (she’s more fun to draw) in my Daily Doodles. (Not to compare myself to Charles Schulz… but you see what I mean.) Focusing on drawing Selby also allows me to establish a jokey and cartoony style that’s fun to draw. Also, not being a true artist, I struggle with drawing people but not puppies!

And drawing Selby-focused pictures even makes discussing the weather cute and fun!

Another cartoon-like, Selby-focused drawing this time to document a health concern I have (in part why I got the treadmill).

I saw this and tried to recreate it the best I could using pen and watercolors.

Here’s my recreation of my own blog artwork.

In conclusion, the more I think about my little Daily Doodle journal the more I realize how good it is for me in my healing and recovery process and also how important it is for my development as a writer. See what I mean by “Meeting Inspiration where it’s found?” By going with my natural interests in art I am finding a new voice and a new means to uncover my story! #UnintentionalWisdom

The Oscars are Sunday, April 25th

As I wrote last week, the Oscar awards are happening this Sunday (airing on ABC in the USA). I haven’t watched much of the nominated movies but I am not super driven to watch them this year. It has to do with the very serious events happening in the world making it challenging for me to get excited about celebrating movies. I will watch the ceremony but I am not driven to get any more into it than I am. And just like I spoke about above, I am giving myself grace for these shifting interests. 2020 and 2021 have been globally challenging years so it only makes sense that passions and interests have changed. It will be interesting to see if the Academy Awards ceremony reflects our changing world or if Hollywood proves to be as self-involved and indulgent as hosting an awards ceremony right now might suggest.

Daily Doodle Weekly Project

We got a treadmill delivered and installed on Monday and in the jokey and cartoon-like style that has become paramount to my “Daily Doodle” journal, I documented it with a Selby drawing.

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

Since I missed posting this blog on Thursday for my self-imposed deadline of #TBIthursday, I am treating you to TWO Selby Sweetie pictures! And if you really want to give into your Selby Sweetie sweet tooth, check out her Instagram @selbysweetie where I post lots of photos and videos (I just posted a cute new video).

Because we love sweets in this house (that’s why Selby’s middle name is Sweetie and why the purchase of the treadmill was necessary 🏃) Selby got her own pupcake (from a bakery for 🐶 🐕 🐩!)
Selby was supervising my treadmill activity.

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  1. Hi 👋 I really enjoyed this blog entry! I guess, maybe because I can really relate to schedule characteristic. I have this goals but then something, an event or an article in the paper, and I go off on another path. Then I feel guilty for abandoning the schedule and the ensuing collision leads to another path. Frustrating! But it is fun as well to have different interests at the same time too!!



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