Blog Schedule Update: Times Are Changin’

I decided after I was scrambling to complete my #TBIthursday post last week (and actually posted on a Friday!) to actually change my somewhat regimented blog posting schedule. So instead of posting a new blog every Monday AND #TBIthursday post every Thursday, I am just going to shift to one post a week. I am going to keep posting every #TBIthursday and ditch my Monday posts. Instead of a separate post my #TBIthursday posts will have a feature section in them where I will post my features (book recommendation/review, pop culture recommendation, essay, and writing update). Since my blog goal is to chronicle the writing I am currently doing, I felt making this shift to emphasize writing about my coma and severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) was necessary while I am actively writing my memoir. I may shift back to focusing on the monthly features once I am finished writing and editing my memoir.

I hope that the readers of my blog (the few though you may be) would appreciate just hearing from me once a week in a longer more polished post. There will still be homemade graphics and plenty of silly stories, but hopefully more organization and less flux.

To cement this change I have updated my website, including a new blog posting schedule (see below).

New blog posting schedule.

Weekly Feature: Book Review/Recommendation

I will have my first weekly featured book review in this week’s #TBIthursday post. It will be a review of “Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of my Hasidic Roots,” by Deborah Feldman.

#CreativityForDays Weekly Project Summary

I started an additional weekly post and then also merged that into my regularly scheduled post (I’m sensing a pattern). This is a section where I highlight a project I have created (painting, drawing, graphic design, etc.). I realized creativity in any form gets the writing creative juices flowing so that’s why I started and will continue this feature in each weekly post.

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion and #Throwback

One of the things I liked about my two posts a week was that I had integrated two different kinds of Selby pictures (since I am OBSESSED with my dog, Selby). The Monday posts had “A Selby Sweetie Conclusion,” which featured a recent picture or video. While the Thursday post featured a #Throwback picture from Selby’s puppyhood. I certainly had enough pictures both past and present to keep both features running. However, since I’m merging the weekly posts, I’m also merging the @selbysweetie pictures into: “A Selby Sweetie Conclusion and #Throwback.” Here is my first entry.

Since it’s getting colder where we live and Selby is a delicate little flower (even thou she smells like and will look like a 🦨 on Halloween), I bought her a warm winter jacket and hooded sweatshirt. As you can see in this comparison shot, she already has one but a Midwestern pup can never be too warm!

3 thoughts on “Blog Schedule Update: Times Are Changin’

    1. Aw, thanks, Jeff! The schedule thing is only because I know myself and I didn’t write for years so now I am kind of making a promise to myself to write and a blog schedule helps me!

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