#TBIthursday: Nicknames for ourselves

Do you ever talk to yourself and do you have a nickname for yourself when you do? I do. I share what it is and how this too has evolved after my TBI in this week’s installment of #TBIthursday.

It’s hard to shorten Laura. People have tried but it’s difficult. As a kid, my sister and other family members called me Loui. My middle name is Louise, so it makes sense.

When my niece and nephew were small I was “La La.” There was even a period of time when I had co-workers who called me La La because I had hung up artwork from the kids that said “I ❤️ La La.”

But by in large, I have usually been called by my first name. No nickname, just Laura. I think nicknames can be fun. My parents both have longer names that get shortened. I don’t know if that was a factor in choosing my shorter name. Perhaps.

I will say that I noticed the other day when I was struggling I started to give myself a little pep talk. “You can do it, Loui, come on. You got this!” It’s been nearly four years since the accident but I realized that was the first time I was really calling myself a nickname. And wouldn’t you know that I was encouraging myself! No berating myself or calling me dopey. Just encouragement. It gave me a little pep in my step to realize I went from being kind of negative to myself to being encouraging and positive. I suppose I instinctively know what I can take in the face of my TBI and I really need positivity and encouragement.

I planned to do a longer post but today got away from me and with my TBI my coach is definitely turning into a pumpkin long before midnight (Cinderella reference).

A Selby Sweetie #ThrowbackThursday

This picture is in honor of the fact I just saw my niece play soccer. This picture is from almost exactly three years ago when we took little puppy Selby to a park to play ball.

Note: All pictures unless otherwise indicated are from Pixabay and graphic designed by me.

4 thoughts on “#TBIthursday: Nicknames for ourselves

  1. I love reading this .
    I never really thought of a nickname for you but since you are an Aunt you can go by Tia.
    Auntie Tia
    Very smart to keep a journal. It’s very helpful in measuring your milestones.
    Keep staying positive and smiling Laura.
    Du bist so nett und hast ein schönes Lächeln.

    Liked by 1 person

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