Pop Culture Recommendation: Love On The Spectrum

Scary pandemic times call for feel good movies, television and books. I think if I had my parents and I start watching yet another cooking, baking or interior design/renovation show my Dad may start to rebel. He enjoys them in the end but he doesn’t crave them like I do! I have a long list (mainly unwritten and just floating in my head) of things I want us to watch. Yet in these crazy times when it seems like news is only bad news (says the lady who shares a name with the latest devastating hurricane), I am not seeking out heavy dramas to watch. Seriously much more of this craziness this year and I may start watching “Golden Girls” reruns on repeat. Again (I have seen every episode at least twice but that wouldn’t stop me)!

This pop culture recommendation is for “Love On The Spectrum.” This is a Netflix series that I managed to get my parents to watch the whole series in a short amount of time, so that fact right there is a recommendation in and of itself. Getting my parents to watch one episode of something is easy but getting them to watch multiple episodes or a whole season of something is challenging! They’re not like me who used to be able to watch so much in one sitting I would get Netflix’s programmed message that said “are you still watching?” (there is too much judgement in that wording: “are you STILL watching?”) 😊

So if you’re looking for something to watch that is uplifting and will take your mind off the many troubles of the world, “Love On The Spectrum” is my recommendation that I would like to tell you more about.

This is a 5 episode series originally aired and developed in Australia. It is a documentary series that follows several 20-something men and women who have been diagnosed “on the spectrum” (meaning they have autism spectrum disorders such as Autism or Asperger’s). The series follows this group of people as they proceed to date for the first time. There are two already established couples included as well (I think to show that relationships on the spectrum are possible).

I am not one to watch a lot of reality TV. Well, I should stipulate that I like competition “reality” shows (like “Project Runway”, “The Great British Bake-Off, ” “Kid’s Baking Championship, ” and Netflix’s “Next in Fashion, ” and “Glow Up”). So all the iterations of “The Bachelor” and other dating shows don’t interest me. I like people to be exhibiting skill and talent, not just being sassy to get on TV.

So why did I choose to watch what is ultimately a dating show? First, I had read good things about it. Second, once I started watching it I realized I was enjoying it because it was shot documentary-style and each of the subjects was treated with respect. It’s easy to see the skill and respect involved in making the series. In addition to the film crew filming each of the subjects on their dates, there was also a relationship coach, Jodi Rodgers, who met with some of the subjects before they went on the first date. She isn’t just a relationship expert, she specializes in helping people on the spectrum navigate dating. Since autism spectrum disorders affect social skills, some people need more guidance navigating social interactions like dating. I was so impressed with how she worked with her clients and didn’t talk down to them. I hope we have people doing similar jobs here in the US because I could really see how her clients benefitted from working with her.

In addition to Jodi Rodgers, there is a UCLA psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, who leads a dating instruction class that one of the men goes to. Like Rodgers, Dr. Laugeson treated everyone with respect and broke things down so they made more sense. Read more about Jodi Rodgers and Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson here.

The question is, what does the Autistic community think of “Love on the Spectrum?” While I did see people being skeptical of the show before it aired after it was released most of the feedback on the show is positive. Read more about that in this Digital Spy article.

And from what I read in another Digital Spy article that gives updates on the cast (I would suggest that you wait to read this article until after watching the show), it seems as if they are currently casting for the second season of the show. Hopefully, Jodi Rodgers will be included in the second season as well.

Let me know if you have watched the show or are planning to. My parents enjoyed the show too and we all were encouraged and uplifted by the show.

#CreativityForDays Weekly Project Summary

Like last week, I made a few more cards but I am not going to show the pictures of them because people are still receiving them. This is a new hobby that allows me to be artsy, crafty, creative, and even thoughtful (I know people have been doing this for years but it’s a new happy discovery for me).

The project I can discuss is a watercolor painting of a chipmunk and a squirrel. I was inspired by Selby’s obsession with chipmunks and squirrels at our lake place. I am happy with the squirrel but I was getting tired and rushed the chipmunk, so I may redo just a squirrel painting. Again, I am not an artist, but I enjoy doing this to get me creating.

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

We are at our lake cabin for one of the last times of the season and it’s definitely cooler and windy. Selby got a haircut last week so she is a little cold this week. Therefore, I am having her wear a sweatshirt or sweater. We sat outside in the wind wearing our hooded sweatshirts and this picture is the result.

Winds out, hoods up.

6 thoughts on “Pop Culture Recommendation: Love On The Spectrum

  1. I like the concept of a relationship coach for people on the spectrum. Some people with autism refuse to participate in therapy which is where they would learn to navigate relationships. Having a coach is less ‘loaded’ than having a therapist.

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      1. I just had a realization today that my name is Laura and I use a Hurrycane! Now I don’t dislike the name “hurrycane” so much because if it was spelled like the natural disaster I would have not liked that now after Hurricane Laura. If they ever have a Hurricane Jeff I will think of you!


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