Writing Update: Writing from the heart

I have been very truthful in previous blogs and also my memoir. Lies, fibs and untruths have no place in my post brain injury world. So, when I say that I just sat down and really poured my heart onto the page in my latest time writing in my memoir… I really poured my heart out.

While I don’t plan to share those words in this blog post (you’ll have to read the memoir when I finish it) I still wanted to talk about the experience.

Lately, I have been a little blocked in writing my memoir. I go to work on it and the jumbled mass of over 61,000 words that sits in my memoir Google Docs just weighs me down. I need to polish and clean up what I have and make it cohesive. That’s a big job. One I am not rushing to do. And since I started my extra blog post called #TBIthursday, where I write about a memory or situation related specifically to my TBI, I have been generating more new content for my memoir. Which means it’s becoming an even bigger jumbled mess.

Yet the drive to write is still very much there. So my solution was to create another separate Google Doc where I am just putting in the new content. Odds are I have probably created a many headed beast (several documents that will eventually need to be culled into one). However, creating a new Doc allowed me to do something I have needed to do for a while. I wrote nonstop from the heart. Now, don’t mistake my meaning. My memoir is 100% from the heart (via the brain), but this new writing that I will eventually add to my memoir (when I slay the many heads of the beast) is what I have been trying to get to since I started writing my memoir. I just didn’t know it. Now that I got there I am even more determined to keep going and finish.

I made this little graphic to show my determination.

However, the road to finishing my memoir is long. And winding. And full of hurdles (like days lost to debilitating headaches like yesterday). I haven’t been counting words lately, but my guess is that I’m at around 66,000 words. Like I said, this memoir road is winding and I’m just on one of the first curves.

#CreativityForDays Weekly Project Summary

I have been drawing more cards. That’s a new hobby I love! However, I’m not going to share pictures of the cards since I am actively sending them to people. Instead, I am going to share a picture of a quick project I did that turned out great. I had a 5×7 picture frame with no picture in it. I bought the frame because I liked the color and could visualize things in it. Yet it sat empty while I waited to take the perfect picture. Then I got an email from a writing website I subscribe to (writers.com) and they had a quote in it that inspired an idea. I took the quote (credited to Richard Bach) and found an image from Unsplash that I felt would complement the picture frame. Then I used my favorite graphic design app called Over to put the quote on the image. Then I just printed it out on basic typing paper and cut it down to 5×7 to fit in the frame. I now have this sitting on my desk. Inspiring!

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

As you saw in yesterday’s placeholder post, Selby got a haircut yesterday. Her ears are so lovely and fluffy! And because they cut her hair a little shorter than before even MORE freckles are showing up. Especially on her neck! I ❤️ her freckles!

Note: All graphics used in this post are designed by me using images from Pixabay, Unsplash, and Over.

One thought on “Writing Update: Writing from the heart

  1. A new Doc?! I hope doc, this will nudge you along. It is kind of like turning a slow two lane highway into a much faster four lane highway!! Good luck!


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