Is #TBIthursday working?

For my writing update this month I thought I would evaluate if my new blog feature #TBIthursday is helping me generate more memories and more content for my memoir I’m writing about recovering from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

After focusing this blog a little more on “writing my brain injury story” I feel a new push to work on my memoir. Which is good. I also have been feeling inspired to write more in my memoir because I am currently reading a memoir I am loving and increasingly inspired by: “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah is currently the host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. He was born to a black mother and white father during apartheid in South Africa (so that’s where the title comes from since during apartheid his very existence signified a ”crime” had been committed).

As I have said before, I am seeking out memoirs but I am not reading brain injury memoirs until I am done writing my own. Therefore, memoirs like Noah’s have been what I have been reading. Whenever I read something well written it’s inspiring to me as a writer. Noah’s book is so well written and his experience is so different from my own, that I find it extra inspiring.

I think both the combination of starting my new weekly feature #TBIthursday (where I am posting a memory from recovering from my TBI every Thursday) and being inspired by the memoir that I’m reading has helped me to write more in my own memoir. I still have a long ways to go. I originally was thinking I could begin editing now and stop adding new content. However, after I started writing #TBIthursday, I realized I still have a lot of stories to tell.

It seems that sleep generates stories to include in my memoir. So I have a notebook on my desk with many chicken scratch notes scribbled on it! When I am falling asleep or waking up from a nap or sleep for the night, the ideas start to come!

Memoir Writing Word Count

I really need to edit my memoir (like I said) because it’s written in such choppy chunks. I am procrastinating the editing process because I know I will have to basically take apart what I have and mold something usable from it. So this word count still reflects that I am adding content and stories. My guess is that my finished memoir may be between 80,000 – 100,000 words.

#CreativityForDays Weekly Project

Since I wake up with many ideas for my memoir, I usually also have corresponding creative and graphic design ideas. And sometimes artwork ideas. This week I designed some images to go with future #TBIthursdays.

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

Selby (@selbysweetie) was not formally trained as a hearing dog but she is so in tune with me she alerts me to sounds I don’t hear. She did that for me when we were home alone and I couldn’t believe it. It shouldn’t amaze me how amazing she is! I don’t have a new picture to share, however, the 3 year anniversary of her “Gotcha Day” (the day we brought her home) is Thursday. So here’s one of my first Selby pictures! I’m so happy we “gotcha” Selby!

2 thoughts on “Is #TBIthursday working?

  1. Oh my gosh when I am trying to fall asleep is when so much comes to mind and I don’t keep my phone in my room so I often have to get up to go write it, love the notebook by the bed idea. Also I have Born A Crime to read, can’t wait to read it:) I have a good reads account and all the books I read and not just TBI or Brain Injury books, I love any memoir or biographies. Check it out. Worth It by Brit Baron was so good and read it in a day!

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