#CreativityForDays Special Project of the Week

To keep this weekly feature running, I’m just going to post about one special creative project I did per week instead of a summary. This week’s project started off being an art project related to my memoir and evolved/devolved into making homemade gifs.

Special Project for February 15th – February 21st

I discovered an app that makes creating animated gifs pretty easy. The app is called Gif Toaster and is FREE. And I decided the video I made for Valentine’s Day (and my most recent #CreativityForDays) works better as a gif. So I recreated it as a gif (and no I have no opinion about how you pronounce that word: jif or gif).

Then once I opened up the Pandora’s Box 📦 of gif-making I couldn’t stop! Now I understand why the Internet is awash with cat gifs and the people on Tumblr tumble into so many gifs. Being a dog person instead of a cat person, I made a lot of gifs of the two pups in my family (my cocker spaniel @selbysweetie and my sister’s King Charles Cavalier @bellajocavalier).

Here is a sampling.

The app makes it easy to make gifs from still photos, live photos, videos, etc. The possibilities are truly endless.

I’m sure I will be making more!

Writing Memoir Update

I will have a fresh update in this Monday’s post. I came up with a cool idea 😎 💡 to get the ideas flowing (I will share)!

Extra Project

I always create multiple images and graphic designs to promote my blog posts. Here’s one I created but didn’t end up using.

An image I designed using the Over app and images from Pixabay.

4 thoughts on “#CreativityForDays Special Project of the Week

    1. You’re welcome, it’s a fun one. I haven’t delved into making gifs of photos or videos of family members. That will be fun and since I don’t get embarrassed after my brain injury it won’t matter if they retaliate with silly gifs of ME!!! 😆😆

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