Happy Valentine’s Day to all those Creative Types!

A little animated video I #created for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you like my silly little animated video I #created. It’s dedicated to all the creative types like me! Happy Valentine’s Day!

#Creating the Video

I wanted to try my hand at created something more visual so I used a few programs and applications I have used before or frequently.

  • Over App: I got the idea and the typewriter image from this app. I also used other images and fonts from it as well. I use the free version, although there is a paid version available (it’s expensive for the unpaid amateur like me).
  • FlipaClip: An app I use for the basic animation in the video (Pixar or Disney I am NOT).
  • iMovie: I edited together the animated video from FlipaClip and royalty free music (my Mom and an interested Selby 🐶 picked out the music since I can’t hear it).
  • Pixabay: This is an app and website that has free imagery.
  • LilWorld: This is an app with a wealth of adorable illustrations. I think it’s based out of an Eastern European country, however you don’t need to translate cute illustrations because they are UNIVERSAL! 😍

Status of #CreativityForDays

I decided to continue #CreativityForDays even though I haven’t been regular with my posting on Fridays. Instead of doing a summary blog post weekly I think I will do a weekly feature of creativity (much like this post). I will discuss and feature a creativity project from the week. This way since I won’t be summarizing ALL of the creative pursuits of the week, I can be as detailed as I choose to be. And because I won’t be doing busy work related to my blog I will have more time to #create and #write. And since this whole blog is about writing, I want to keep the focus on that. And since I’m still writing my memoir, I want to keep the focus on that.

My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

As someone who has been single (just so you know, my mental jukebox is playing “All The Single Ladies” by Beyoncé) for my whole life Valentine’s Day has never branched into being about romance for me. Instead, it’s about LOVE 💕 in its purest form (a childlike love). It’s about boxes of chocolate that I consume with no worry of calories or cavities (don’t tell my personal trainer or dentist). It’s about wearing pink, purple and red (sometimes all at once). It’s about celebrating the love between myself and my sweet family. It’s also about celebrating the love I have for my sweet puppy. I decided since Selby’s middle name is Sweetie (because of my love of sweets and she’s a sweetie) and she has a heart-shaped spot on her head 😍 that she is a walking, furry (sometimes smelly and occasionally farty) Valentine. So she will be wearing this bandanna I got her all day.

Selby wearing her buffalo plaid ❤️ bandanna.

One More Burst of #Creativity for Valentine’s Day

I hope that you enjoy Valentine’s Day if you want or just have a nice regular Friday in February (whichever you prefer). In the meantime let me leave you with the beginning of a fairytale in the form of an image I #created.

Created in Over.

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